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Double Helping Hands

Hobbyists and crafters know how important it is to have a sharp eye and a steady hand when working on projects that require meticulous detail. Our helping hand magnifier gives you assistance in both these areas, allowing you to do extremely precise work when sewing, gluing, carving, etc. The nickel-plated body sits on a sturdy solid metal base that allows you to move it easily and to set it up for work on almost any available surface. The 10” wide metal arms feature a serrated alligator clip on each end, with two swivel points on each arm for great adjustability. The jaws open to about ½” and will grip tiny objects securely. (We don’t recommend using it to hold materials that are easily scratched or dented by the jaws’ teeth.) The 4x magnifier is also adjustable, and is generously sized so you won’t have to squint to see what you’re doing.


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  • Double Helping Hands


    Double Helping Hands

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