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Drop-Grip Thistle Weeder

It’s satisfying to cleaning pull a weed with a long taproot out. This wonderfully designed Thistle Weeder couldn’t be simpler: press the forked points into the soil near the base of the offending thistle or other stubborn weed—think dandelions or other varieties of taproots—and when the circular “rocker” tube on the bottom touches the ground, push down on the handle to lever the weed out of the ground, roots and all. It’s astonishingly easy and effective, and the gently flared “drop grip” handle design is subtle but surprisingly effective, aiding both comfort and ease of use. With an ash hardwood handle and forged from boron steel, it will last a lifetime. Made in Holland by expert tool makers. Measures 26 ½” overall.


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  • Drop-Grip Thistle Weeder


    Drop-Grip Thistle Weeder

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