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Dual Color Twine Red/Green

These dual-colored spools of traditionally made, biodegradable 3 ply Jute are all hand-wound on the very same frames they’ve been made on since the company was founded in Scotland in 1922. These spools can be unwound from the outside or inside, effectively giving you access to 2 different colored spools at once. It’s a clever idea, eye-catching, and very efficient. All materials are sourced from renewable resources as well, making these not only beautiful but earth-friendly as well.

Also available in Dove/Blue and Blue/Orange.

Product Specs/Dimensions

Overall Material 3-Ply Jute
Overall Width 4"
Overall Length 4.5"
Overall Height 4"
Overall Weight 0.59 lbs.
Overall Diameter 4"

Individual Items

  • Dual Color Twine Red/Green


    Dual Color Twine Red/Green

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