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Dust-Free Drywall Sanding Kit Made in Canada

Keep your area (and your lungs) clean when sanding jobs with our vacuum hand sander kit. Removes particles that are annoying and harmful to you and the finished product. The kit is incredibly easy to use. It assembles in seconds and attaches securely to your shop vac with the included adaptor. The particulate matter is sucked away making cleanup easy and gives you a much safer environment and a superior painted finish.

Comes with a hand sander, 6 feet of flexible hose, hose adaptor, and 1 die-cut 150 grit mesh fabric sheet with an abrasive surface; the sander’s screw fastener holds it tight to the sander face. Highly effective and long-lasting. Additional sheets are available. Note: we recommend only using the specified sandpaper. In a pinch, other perforated sandpaper can be adapted for use. Made in Canada


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  • Dust Free Drywall Sanding Kit Made in Canada


    Dust-Free Drywall Sanding Kit Made in Canada

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