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Elements of Building Book

A Business Handbook For Residential Builders & Tradesmen

An important book, loaded with great business tips for builders and insider knowledge for owners. For Builders and Tradesmen, there are innumerable books (or videos) that will teach you all sorts of technical skills. However, there are very few resources that help you to manage your business or your relationship with clients. Sure there are lots of "business" books, they are typically dull and difficult to apply to the building trades. This expertly written handbook takes a genius approach as it teaches you business acumen specific to the construction trades. Each topic is concise, the scenarios are realistic and the tips easy to apply. This is what we've been waiting for, a builder's business book written by an experienced and thoughtful contractor.

Of the many wonderful gems in the book, there is a discussion of estimates and contracts that looks at the pros and cons of various types - both to the builder and the client. This section is so good, homeowners should read it too. Same for his Customer Notes on dealing with various clients such as lawyers, doctors, church committees and young couples. The author's insightful description of each group's particularities will help you to avoid pitfalls. In fact, anyone with a building project, who is planning to hire professionals for the job, will find more than enough useful inside information to help them get the best service and negotiate a fair price. Although this book has no pretty pictures of dream projects, it more than makes up with very useful samples of contracts, forms and checklists.

On a personal note, having been a General Contractor for 10 years (after building my own timber frame home) I can certainly vouch for the legitimacy of the author's advice. It is well attuned to the realities of the business, and even now, I can still glean lessons from it.

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