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Ergonomic Garden Fork

The award-winning design of this spading fork was carefully developed to engage greater power from your arms and back as you grip and lift while preserving your lower back from stress through improved posture. The elegantly curved wooden shaft combines laminated beech and poplar woods to make the handle exceptionally tough but light. The steel teeth of the business end will bite cleanly into dirt and rocks for grubbing, aerating soil, and all kinds of tough, dirty work around your garden and home. A serrated top foot hold on the top of the blade keeps your feet from slipping so you can really put some muscle into it. Unusual in appearance and very effective, this brilliant new tool just may change the way you work. Measures just under 56” L, with a 10 1/4” wide blade. Weight 4.18 Lbs. 


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  • Ergonomic Garden Fork


    Ergonomic Garden Fork

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