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Expandable Garden Hose Blue (50-100ft)

These compact and efficient garden hoses are so much easier to handle, store, and transport than their bulky rubber counterparts, it’s genuinely almost shocking.  Naturally resistant to twisting, tangling, and kinking—not to mention rotting or cracking—they double in length as soon as water starts flowing through them, then instantly shrink back to half the size when the water flow stops. That, combined with their ultra-lightweight fabric construction, means they take up almost no space when not in use, and they’re a breeze to maneuver around the garden, driveway, or boat dock.  Hard-wearing, durable aluminum hardware means you don’t have to worry about damage or rust, and they weigh almost nothing when empty, so storage is a breeze.  Comes in two sizes (25 meters long extending to 50, and 50 meters long extending to 100) to cover a huge variety of uses around the house.  Available in blue or red.  A joy to use.

Because of the extra flexibility of these hoses, they need to be handled carefully as they are more fragile than other hoses.

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  • Expandable Garden Hose Blue (50-100ft)


    Expandable Garden Hose Blue (50-100ft)

    $74.00 $38.98

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