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Extra-Large HD Brush & Weed Slash Hook Tool


The hardwood handle is 53" long and the double sided steel cutting blade at the end is over 13" from end-to-end. But despite its size, it is surprisingly easy to handle. The answer to why that is because it doesn’t rely on the weight of the blade to rip through thick brush and woody debris. It relies on the momentum of the stroke for its power. This powerful tool can handle almost anything. It’s ideal for any clearance job you have that you don’t want to get “close” to, such as thick thorn bushes and brambles and for taking down a large area of the tough stuff that you need to approach from the side and work inwards. Nothing subtle here but very impressive. An additional Ground Shipping Surcharge applies - see details below. Air shipping is not available.

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  • Extra-Large HD Brush & Weed Slash Hook Tool

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    Extra-Large HD Brush & Weed Slash Hook Tool

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