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Fast Working Shovel

Folded raised edges let you pick up and move about 20% more per shovel load than with a normal blade. Best used on soil that is not highly compacted. 28 D-Handle, Blade 8" wide and 13" deep. Air shipping surcharges apply.

The Fast-Work Shovel is superb when you have a lot of loose material to move a short distance using a smooth repetitive working rhythm. It's 51" long straight handle comes off the blade at a 112° angle. This gives you (1) exceptional reach, (2) keeps the blade flat to the surface, and (more importantly) (3) means that you rarely should ever have to bend your back in doing the job. This is really quite fantastic. We love it. Air shipping is not available. Because of its length there is an $8 ground shipping surcharge for this shovel.

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  • Fast Working Shovel


    Fast Working Shovel

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