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Ferro Rod & Striker Fire Starter Set

This peerless fire-starting set strikes hot and true in any conditions –on the trail, in the deep woods, or in the backyard and at any altitude—even in the rain. The proprietary 3” long, ½” thick hexagonal ferrocerium rod provides about 8mm of flat contact. In practice, that means it throws more and larger sparks than a traditional round rod, producing sparks way more than hot enough to catch your kindling and get any campfire blazing. The rod itself is rated to produce more than 20,000 strikes. A 6-function multi-tool scraper is included and is incredibly useful in itself, and the two pieces are connected by a leather lanyard. They take up practically no space in your bag but could well be the most important items you pack.


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  • Ferro Rod & Striker Fire Starter Set


    Ferro Rod & Striker Fire Starter Set

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