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Fireplace Companion Kit

Vintage Swiss Army Axe + Firestarter Kit + Survival Matches + Waxed Canvas Log Carrier

The Fireplace Companion Kit contains everything you need to get that fire going, be it at home, campfire, backyard bonfire, or woodstove. The Camping Hatchets are Swiss made and truly vintage: discovered in a European warehouse, in clean and sharp condition. The 15-1/2"" handle and 2-1/4 lb. weight, make it an ideal kindling tool. We can vouch personally for the Fire Starters: 16 bundles of wax-impregnated, 3"" long wooden sticks, with a candle wick embedded in both ends, bound by a waxed paper band. You simply light the wicks and bury in your kindling or under small dry logs. They burn aggressively for about 15 minutes. The Stormproof Survival Matches are great for lighting your fireplace or wood stove. With a 15-second burn time and unusual 2"" length, believe us when we say whatever you're lighting will catch. (In more trying conditions, they will even relight themselves after being submerged in water). Two boxes, 50 Matches total. And finally, we’ve even included a Waxed Canvas Log Carrier here, perfect for hauling logs from point A to point B. It’s constructed of military-grade, waxed canvas #10, and treated with paraffin wax to produce a durable, water- and rot-proof carrier. We are able to get nine good size split logs in it. 38"" x 20"".

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  • Fireplace Companion Kit


    Fireplace Companion Kit

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