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Five-Piece Adjustable Garden Support

Design your garden beds in infinite ways with our adjustable garden trellis and supports. Any number of climbing plants and vegetables will be pleased—beans, tomatoes, squash, as well as climbing flowers like Morning Glory, Nasturtium, etc. Free up real estate in your garden shed or garage in the off season with this space-saving garden support, which assembles quickly and breaks down just as quickly to 5 simple metal lengths–two vertical and 3 horizontals. The verticals can be adjusted to a range of widths depending on your needs, while the horizontals rest securely on the braces. The uncoated steel will patina beautifully with age – the more time the better. You’ll quickly feel like you’re in your own secret garden. Each of the five pieces measures 47”.


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  • Five-Piece Adjustable Garden Support


    Five-Piece Adjustable Garden Support

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