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Flax Massage Belt & Back Scrubber

This Massage Belt & Back Scrubber provides full coverage to anyone searching for the sweet relief of a good back scratch in that spot you just can’t reach. The 70% flax/30% cotton blend feels amazing on the skin either dry or wet, in the shower or fully dry. Hand-crafted in Germany, it’s finished with cotton rope handles for ease of use and is surprisingly easy to maneuver. The double-thickness belt measures 31” long and 4 ¾” wide with a medium texture for moderate to firm massage. Stimulating your vascular system, exfoliate your skin, or just enjoy a nice, cozy scratch. Not a bad way to end (or even start) your day. Machine wash in warm water and air dry only.

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  • Flax Massage Belt & Back Scrubber


    Flax Massage Belt & Back Scrubber

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