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Flip Kick Classic

for tabletop messis of all ages

Made for tabletop Messi’s of all ages, the Flip Kick Classic is a hybrid throwback between a wooden pinball machine and a Foosball table. This tabletop soccer game is sure to provide hours of offline fun for kids and adults alike. Pack it up with all your other travel games and enjoy everything from soccer and chess to backgammon on your trips!

How it Works

Because the playing surface isn’t flat, (it crests at the centerline, then declines slightly toward each goal) the game uses gravity and two wooden flippers to move the ball. The “players” are stationary round plastic pegs (red vs. blue), in the customary eleven each side. Like Foosball, it takes game practice to become a tabletop Messi. Give it a try!

Soccer Game Specifications & Pricing

This tabletop soccer game measures 16.90” long x 11.20” wide x 2.40” tall and comes with two balls included. Because of the wooden base and unique woodworking techniques used to create this product, you receive a top-quality, durable game that will last for decades.

Warning: Small pieces, choking hazard. Made for ages 4 and up. Uses non-toxic paint.

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  • Flip Kick Classic

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    Flip Kick Classic

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