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Galvanized Hanging Metal Planter

This versatile outdoor railing planter is rugged and beautiful, with a vintage look that will accentuate any place you choose to put it. The aged, hand-painted surface is complemented by the vertical raised pattern around its circumference, for a classic farmhouse feel. A pair of curved steel hooks allow it to be hung over almost any 3” wide surface, like a porch railing, but can also be easily removed when you want to display it on your table or other flat surface. The generous 2 gallon capacity gives you plenty of room for growing all kinds of plants, such as herbs and flowers. Solid and watertight, it has no holes to spring accidental leaks--just add a layer of small rocks or other debris on the bottom to assist with drainage. And since galvanized steel is almost endlessly recyclable, this planter is also an environmentally friendly choice.

Overall Dimensions

Width  6"
Length  15 3/4"
Height  6" 

Individual Items

  • Galvanized Hanging Metal Planter


    Galvanized Hanging Metal Planter

Subtotal: $32.00
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