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Glazed UK-Made Terracotta Planter

Bring the beauty of your summer garden indoors year-round with our Glazed UK-made Terracotta Planter. With a fully glazed interior and partially glazed exterior, the cheerful cornflower blue of this square indoor garden planter will go nicely with almost any plant and setting. Best of all, it needs no draining dish, and will not leak out the bottom, making it the perfect planter to use on counters, bookshelves, tabletops, or windowsills. Use it for herbs, succulents, flowers, or other small plants (place a few pebbles in the bottom to help with drainage). Made in the East Midlands region of England by a respected company that has been making high quality stoneware for over many decades. Buy several of these little beauties to place all around the house or give them as gifts for the plant lovers on your holiday list this year. Dimensions: 3 ¾ x 3 ¾” x 4” H.


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  • Glazed UK-Made Terracotta Planter


    Glazed UK-Made Terracotta Planter

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