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Gourmet Greens Cat Treats Seed Pack

It’s one thing to grow food to feed your family—but to feed your cat?  That’s a whole new level of love for your feline companion. Show your favorite kitty how much they mean to you with this Gourmet Greens Cat Treats Seed Pack from the good folks at Renee’s Garden.  This mix includes enough seed for 10 to 12 sowings of organically grown rye, oats, barley, and wheat greens. Cats like fresh greens, and most will eat them readily—if yours is unsure at first, place these next to your cat’s usual food supply and give it a light spray of water.  That usually works.  Also great for birds and pet rabbits, this mix grows easily and quickly—it’s ready to eat in less than two weeks—indoors or out.  It’s tender, tastes great, and is easy to digest while providing lots of beneficial vitamins and enzymes—and fresh greens keep your pet’s breath naturally fresh, aid digestion, and prevent hairballs. Includes approximately 2,250 seeds total.


Sow Indoors  Anytime
Sun / Shade  Sun or Part Shade
Planting Depth  1/2 Inch
Space Seeds  1/4 Inch
Days to Germinate  3 - 7 Days
Days to Harvest  10 - 14 Days

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