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Grout-Scrubbing Sponge

Made in the USA

Is there a household task we look forward to less than scrubbing discolored shower-tile grout?  What would we give in order for the task to go just a little more quickly?  Time to toss those ratty old toothbrushes, because this Grout-Scrubbing Sponge has been engineered to make that most tedious of household tasks go by as quickly and painlessly as possible.  Measuring a compact 6” x 4” x 2”—not much bigger than a modern smartphone—the sponge packs quite a cleaning punch, with steel coils holding stiff bristle brushes across two surfaces to help you get a good, powerful scrub into the tightest of spaces.  After the real problem areas get a good once-over, a quick pass with the sponge leaves your tiles looking as good as the day they were installed, and a convenient rope loop lets you hang it to drip dry.  Easy to grip and made in the USA.

Overall Dimensions

Width  4"
Length  6"
Height  1.75"
Weight  .19 lbs

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