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Full Suede Shop Apron - Red

Add a splash of color to your home or workshop this season with our beloved Full Leather Shop Apron, now available for a limited time in holiday red. It’s the same great 31” suede shop apron you’ve come to love, designed in-house by Garrett Wade, with all the details that set it apart from the rest: 1/16" thick split-leather cowhide with brass hand-riveted fasteners, a double leather-reinforced front seam, and comfortable “X”-shaped cross straps that disperse weight evenly, taking the pressure off the back of your neck (and are easily adjustable to fit most frames). The dark leather center breast pocket has sections for a phone, pencil, penknife, etc. Thoughtfully designed and well crafted, our apron will provide protection for years to come while being comfortable and easy to wear all day. It’s a great gift for yourself or your favorite craftsperson this season--buy a few and share the holiday cheer.

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  • Full Suede Shop Apron


    Full Suede Shop Apron - Red

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