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Real Milk Paint Co. Half & Half

If you want really top-notch, unbeatable protection for your wooden kitchen items, from countertops to utensils to cutting boards, surface treatments won’t do the trick—you need something that will penetrate the wood and then cure, bonding with the wood itself. That usually requires mixing up a cocktail of oil and thinner, but the wonderful folks at the Real Milk Paint Co. have done the work for you with their incredibly useful Half & Half finish. Part tung oil and part food-grad citrus solvent, it’s completely food-safe and is mixed at the perfect ratio for any surface that needs protecting. The solvent allows the hearty tung oil to get down into the wood pores; after a full curing cycle of about 30 days, the wood is naturally, innately protected, much like a perfectly seasoned cast iron pan. It can take a real beating, and liquids will just bead up on the surface for easy, stain-free cleaning. Also works great on concrete, clay, terra cotta, stone, and more.

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