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Hard Working 3-Tined Steel Cultivator

Cultivators are essential tools for prepping your garden, helping you break up, mix, and aerate your soil quickly and efficiently. Soil inevitably gets compacted over time—by precipitation, by footsteps, and by plain old gravity.  This can make it hard for your plants to get the air and water they need to grow to their fullest, and it can also create serious drainage problems.  Our 3-Tine Cultivator’s unique design is ideal for loosening the soil to create a perfect seed or flower bed, ensuring healthy roots which make for the best possible crop yield.  Sturdy and affordable, it can also be used as a weeder during the growing season with surprising accuracy and delicacy considering its size so its idea for protecting plants delicate roots.  Made in Europe with a natural beech handle, our 3-Tined Cultivator measures 45 ½” long with a 6” total tine spread.

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  • Hard Working 3-Tined Steel Cultivator


    Hard Working 3-Tined Steel Cultivator

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