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Hardworking Oyster Knife

There’s something both primal and sophisticated about oysters. We associate them with fancy dining, and yet what could be simpler than something you pull from the sea, split open and eat raw? That’s getting back to nature. The hardest part for most people is opening them. It takes a bit of practice but is easy to perfect with the right tool, and this is most definitely the right tool. The beefy Sapelli wood handle with its brass bolsters looks beautiful and fits great in the hand, while the 3 brass rivets and brass pin in the bolster add to its good looks. The full tang stainless blade has just the right amount of rounded cutting edge to get a good bite in between the shell’s halves, and its full tang means it’s strong enough to serve you well in prying the oyster open. Measures 6 ¼” L, with a 2 ½” Blade.


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  • Hardworking Oyster Knife

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    Hardworking Oyster Knife

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