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Hickory-Handled Vine & Branch Pruner

Rock-solid American hickory and aircraft-grade American aluminum—these Vine & Branch Pruners are tough where they need to be tough and light where they need to be light, perfect for taking care of business in the yard and garden. With a maximum cutting capacity of 1 ¾”, these excel at trimming away large vines, thick branches, and dwarf trees, and the slim head design allows you to reach tight nooks that might obstruct other, bulkier tools. The powerful cutting head features an integral double bumper system, with a neoprene cushion covering an internal spring piston-style bumper. The unique center bolt system contains a special conical bearing, which allows smooth and continuous operation as well as unsurpassed power and control. The 22” hickory handles feel great in the hand and are incredibly durable. Overall length is 27”. Lightweight, dependable, and made entirely in the USA, this is a tool you’ll rely on for years to come.


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  • Hickory-Handled Vine & Branch Pruner


    Hickory-Handled Vine & Branch Pruner

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