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Historic, Vintage Oak “Marine” Chopping Knife

a great all-around kitchen knife

This vintage chopping knife at Garrett Wade is a smaller, kitchen version of a marine-style knife that used to be the go-to carry for dockworkers in steamy French Colonial ports in the early 20th Century. The unique shape and wooden handle could be exactly what you’re looking for to enhance your chopping, slicing, and dicing!

Kitchen Knife Specifications

Ranging somewhere between the length of chef’s and paring knives, this is a great all-around kitchen knife. The blade widens slightly at the point to a modified, rounded drop-point. It also features a pliable but sturdy 6” stainless steel blade and a lovely, 3 1/4” oak handle with a bold and mesmerizing grain pattern. The full tang is affixed to the handle with brass pins.

This vintage chopping knife was found among a cache of beautiful knives from Thiers, France, long renowned as one of the world's greatest cutlery centers. We recommend extra care and maintenance with all vintage knives, so hand-wash and dry these pieces after each use. Never use the dishwasher!

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Individual Items

  • Historic, Vintage Oak “Marine” Chopping Knife


    Historic, Vintage Oak “Marine” Chopping Knife

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