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Italian Compact Linear Lawn Sprinkler

designed for smaller areas

This oscillating-bar linear sprinkler is a high-function watering implement designed in Italy. Made of shock-proof ABS and aluminum, it provides 5 water settings. In addition, the sprinkler has a total of 20 nozzles but the outside eight are adjustable and give you additional control over the width of the irrigated area. Will operate particularly well in low water pressure situations. Made in Italy.



15 psi 1080 sq ft 34 x 32 area (ft) 2.8 gal/min
30 psi 2310 sq ft 52 x 44 area (ft) 4.1 gal/min
44 psi 3280 sq ft 62 x 52 area (ft) 5.0 gal/min
58 psi 3450 sq ft 64 x 54 area (ft) 5.5 gal/min
72 psi n/a n/a n/a

More Info

If the "Rat Pack" had a garden, these would be their sprinklers. Super-sleek,60's-ish Italian design - balanced, grounded, aerodynamic. Sophisticated 21st century engineering - self-lubricating, non-wearing acetal resin gears and hydraulic motor, with large diameter turbines offering high performance even at low water pressure. 22nd century environmental sensibility - more watering options and greater control with 5 easily adjustable pre-set watering patterns to ensure that you water only where needed, reducing waste and saving money. Cool.

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  • Italian Compact Linear Lawn Sprinkler


    Italian Compact Linear Lawn Sprinkler

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