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Italian Made Citrus Juicer

This Italian manufacturer has been in the kitchenware business since 1946. Made from sturdy polypropylene in eye-catching red and white, they are a little bit retro, a very charming, and very, very handy. Here we offer a manual citrus juicer for lemons, limes, or oranges. The basic idea is similar to the classic hand juicer, but with a few clever twists. On the bottom, a clear receptacle with a pouring spout lets you store the extracted juice in your fridge and shows measurements in milliliters. On the top, a clear plastic cap fits over the entire assembly, making it easy to rotate and squeeze your fruit while keeping the juice from going where it shouldn’t; if you’ve ever had an eyeful of lemon juice, you’ll appreciate this great detail. A fun and effective tool. Measures 4 ¼ H x 3” W. Dishwasher Safe.



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  • Italian Made Citrus Squeezer


    Italian Made Citrus Juicer

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