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Italian Pulsating Sector Sprinkler

Ideal for Irrigating Large and Wide Open Areas - Up to 4275 Square Feet!

The Impact Jet Spike pulsating sprinkler allows spray patterns from 20° to 360° at water pressures as low as 14 psi (2300 s/f coverage) and as high as 58 psi (for a maximum coverage of 4270 s/f). sturdy ABS construction (UV-stabilized) with a rust-proof double-pronged ground spike for ensured stability. Adjustable all-brass diffuser screw allows you to set coverage and saturation by controlling the arm speed, and the frequency of the "breaks" (impact) in the water jet. Suitable for large lawns and vegetable gardens, large fruit-bearing trees, landscape contractors and grounds keepers - but also the more typical homeowner because water flow is easily adjusted by a simple control knob to efficiently cover smaller areas. Includes Quick-connect hose connection.

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  • Italian Pulsating Sector Sprinkler


    Italian Pulsating Sector Sprinkler

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