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Italian Made Vegetable Chopper

Makes for Quick Food Prep

If you’re looking to save time during your meal prep, this classic Italian Vegetable Tritamatik can help you chop food more precisely with its rotating blades. Use this manual vegetable cutter to mince onion, garlic, and shallots faster than ever before! Chop parsley, carrots, cheese, or anything you would use a chef’s knife for with this Italian-made tool.

Manual Vegetable Cutter Specifications

The manual vegetable cutter is ergonomically designed so that you simply place vegetables underneath and pump the handle up and down. The M-shaped, stainless steel blades automatically rotate, finishing the job in seconds. You can chop into the 3 ½” wide base, or remove the base to chop directly on a cutting board. The three pieces that make up the Tritamatik are food-grade polymers that come apart quickly, for thorough and easy cleaning.

Garrett Wade offers a massive selection of kitchen gear to provide you with durable, high quality products made all around the world. We choose only the best brands to deliver heirloom quality pieces you can’t find anywhere else. Shop our store today to find vintage products and amazing gifts!

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  • Italian Made Vegetable Chopper


    Italian Made Vegetable Chopper

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