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Japanese Woodworking Saws

Build Your Own Set

Japanese saws cut quickly and smoothly, and are a joy to use. Because they cut on the pull (not the push) stroke, the blade is in tension during use, so it can be thinner with a much finer kerf. Bowing is eliminated, and the set can be minimized. Great control over the cut is the result. We recommend the following four as an excellent cross-section. These saws in this Japanese saw set are all made to our specifications. We offer them here as a set at a savings.

The Replaceable Blade Ryoba in a 9-1/2" blade length. One side of the blade is filed with fine teeth for cutting across the grain. The other is coarser for ripping along the grain.

The Flush Cutting Saw (blade 6" long, 24 tpi) will cut off flush pegs, through-tenons, and other exposed waste parts of joints absolutely flush. An extremely flexible blade with no set, it will not mark the adjacent surface.

The Japanese Detail Trim Saw has a fine-toothed very narrow blade and an Oak handle. Tool length is 10". The 13 tpi blade is 5” long and 5/16" wide.

Protect your Japanese saw set investment with our tough Suede Carrying Case. While not included in the set above it makes a great add on. The three pockets are stitched and riveted, and it secures closed with extra-long leather laces. The Three larger saws tuck inside while the smaller Detail trim Saw secures nicely into the tie. The case is made in France.

The Japanese hand saws for sale in this set are listed here individually and can be purchased along with their replacement blades. NOTE: The case is not included with the set of four saws, but is available individually.

Individual Items

  • Replaceable Japanese Ryoba Pull Saws by Garrett Wade

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