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Large Adjustable Indoor/Outdoor Plant Caddy

Massive 220 Pound Capacity

Versatility is the name of the game with our Adjustable Indoor/Outdoor Plant Caddy, which can move and secure an almost limitless variety of planters and other containers in just about any environment.  It can easily supports up to 220 lbs., making it perfect for oversized vegetation from Areca palms to ZZ plants.  Each of the base’s four sides adjusts independently and locks in place with wing nuts; discreet rubber nubs at each end act as grippers to hold your vessel in place.  This combination means you can customize the grip to hold planters of any shape, even if they’ve got irregular geometry.  At full extension the base will support a container 15 3/8” in diameter; 10” is the minimum diameter that can still be secured by the rubber holders.  Indoor-outdoor wheels mean you can roll your plant anywhere you want.

Individual Items

  • Large Adjustable Indoor/Outdoor Plant Caddy


    Large Adjustable Indoor/Outdoor Plant Caddy

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