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Lavender Sachet

This is a bit of a reach from our typical product but after this writer’s favorite sweater was eaten by moths last year we went looking for some natural, chemical free solutions. Pop one or two in a drawer, wardrobe, or bathroom closet. Each bag is hand-sewn in France and contains pure dried lavender. As you may know, lavender is a powerful natural moth repellent. (Believe it or not, it’s equally adept at driving away scorpions—good to know for our friends in the Southwest!)

What is it about the scent of natural lavender that’s so calming, so deeply refreshing? Whatever it is, there’s no denying the charms of this beloved flower. These 100% cotton bags are an easy way to protect your clothes and add that lovely scent anywhere it’s needed.


Individual Items

  • Lavendar Sachet


    Lavender Sachet

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