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Long-Handled Adze

A larger version of our Hand Adze tool, our Long-Handled Adze is a two-handed tool that (like its smaller counterpart) has also been used for millennia for efficiently removing stock during concave work. It’s easy to see why everyone from ancient Egyptians to modern day wood carvers reach for the adze: From a standing position, the long ash handle gives you a powerful swing and reach, and the drop forged, double curved head (weighing in at a full 3¼ lbs and features a 2¾” wide cutting edge with an outside bevel) bites deep into wood. Use it as a boat carver’s adze, for carving sculptures, or any job where you need to hollow out a large piece of wood quickly and efficiently. (As an added bonus, it can’t be beat! as a strength and cardio workout.) Overall length is 24 ¼”, with a 7 ½” L head. 


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  • Long-Handled Adze


    Long-Handled Adze

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