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Lord Nelson Victory Tug Boat Kit

Not your average kits-- made by model enthusiasts for model enthusiasts, and true craftsmanship is evident in the results, which combine high-quality materials with clear instructions.

There’s just something loveable about a tugboat. This charmer is one of the most popular models.  The Lord Nelson Victory Tug was a recreational trawler produced during the 1980s, with only around 75 total being built.  With balsa planking, stainless steel rails, and expanded PVC die cuts, our replica of this classic coastal cruiser has all the high-quality materials you'd want.  At 1/16 scale, it measures 28” L, with a 10” beam.

Please note that for these kits we offer the model only, not the motor, which can be sourced directly from the manufacturer if desired.  The boat without a motor is fully complete in itself.

Overall Dimensions

 Width  9.5"
 Length  28"
 Height  19"
 Weight  8 lbs.


Individual Items

  • Lord Nelson Victory Tug Boat Kit


    Lord Nelson Victory Tug Boat Kit

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