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Lubricant and Aerosol Can Shelf


This amazing workshop aerosol can storage shelf can contain the dripping mess of your lubricant and aerosol cans. This shelf features round slots for up to eight cans (two levels with four slots each), a steel bar for a roll of paper towels, and towel hooks along the bottom so you can air out and dry all your used rags. It’s a great way to organize any shop or workspace. This organizer will hold all of your spray paint, WD40 cans, shellack, canned air, etc. It hangs on the wall and comes with four fasteners. Made of sturdy, 18- and 20-gauge steel with a bright red powder coat finish, this aerosol can organizer is worth every penny.

Size: 17” l x 8-½” w x 8-½” d

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  • Lubricant and Aerosol Can Shelf


    Lubricant and Aerosol Can Shelf

Subtotal: $99.50
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