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Making & Mastering Wood Planes (Revised Edition) by David Finck

Laminated wooden hand planes are intrinsically connected to legendary furniture maker James Krenov. One of the defining furniture makers of the 20th century, he was also a renowned teacher at California’s College of the Redwoods (now simply called the Krenov School). While his furniture is iconic in the modern era, he’s perhaps equally known for an iconic tool: his laminated wooden hand planes, which he described as “the cabinetmaker’s violin.” Students at the Krenov School begin their education by making wooden planes and mastering the art of setting them up and tuning them.

David Finck, a graduate of Krenov’s College of the Redwoods, has written the definitive guide to making and using these tools. Finck discusses the basics of wood, both for making wood planes and as a medium to be shaped by them, and then moves on to basic tools and techniques readers will need to start work on their own plane.


In this book, seasoned pros and green beginners alike will learn how to grind and sharpen a plane iron and get the most out of any plane you use, whether wooden or metal-bodied. Then, you’ll learn how to use the plane itself for shooting end grain, flattening large surfaces, working thin boards, and smoothing curved edges.

Making & Mastering Wood Planes was brought back into print by Lost Art Press, who reissued it in an upgraded edition that features sewn pages, higher-quality paper, and hardcover binding.

Made entirely in the United States, this book is an essential guide for woodworking at all skill levels. Find yours at Garrett Wade today!

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  • Making & Mastering Wood Planes (Revised Edition) by David Finck


    Making & Mastering Wood Planes (Revised Edition) by David Finck

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