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Maplewood Rubber Band Shooter and Toy Soldier Set

Rapid Release Long Distance Rubber Band Shooter

Here’s a toy that takes us right back to childhood. Rubber bands are just one of those things many of us often wound-up shooting at things, usually one at a time using our fingers, and our best attempt at aim. Imagine what you can do with a rapid release rubber band shooter made of Maple that will zip rubber bands one after another up to 24 feet away. It’s very easy to load and use, and comes with a pound of little green plastic soldiers, another pound of green rubber bands – both delivered in reusable burlap sacks, and all stored inside a military style metal “ammo box”. This rubber band shooter and toy plastic soldiers set will make some little ones very happy this holiday season. Designed for hitting objects, not people. Use responsibly.


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  • Maplewood Rubber Band Shooter and Toy Soldier Set


    Maplewood Rubber Band Shooter and Toy Soldier Set

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