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It’s time to upgrade your baking set. The Mix-N-Pour makes pouring from your mixing bowl a thing of the past with its built-in spout. Shaped and baked with care in Ohio, this clay mixing bowl has a quality that can’t be beat.

The Mixing Bowl With a Spout Crafted for Your Kitchen

These 2-quart Ohio stoneware mixing bowls are perfect for Sunday morning pancake or waffle batter. With a 9¾" diameter, it's also wide enough to use when coating slices of bread to make French Toast or even mix a standard batch of cookies.

The Mix-N-Pour is made from local clay that is glazed to perfection, so that it’s not only utilitarian but also gorgeous. If you need something smaller, it has a matching 1-quart pitcher that’s a simple and striking accessory to add to your breakfast table. It’s designed to be a classy serving pitcher for milk, juice, lemonade, or iced tea. Both the mixing bowl with spout and the pitcher come in a creamy off-white glaze. These are perfectly simple yet classy stoneware vessels.

At Garrett Wade, we take your baking to the next level with kitchen gear and cookware that can’t be beat. Take a look at some of our other baking appliances like this spun iron baking sheet and this vintage french pastry spatula.

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