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“Mr. Woods” Mini-Golf Game

the whole family can play together

Golf is a time-honored test of concentration and technique, demanding equal parts mental acuity and physical coordination. Perched atop the pantheon of hallowed legends is the game of “Mr. Woods”. It’s a mini-golf toy game that the whole family can enjoy together!

This update of the classic German mini-golf game collectible is an upgrade in every sense. It’s still all wood (except for the spring-loaded putter, which is plastic for increased durability), and it’s still hours of endlessly customizable fun. “Mr. Woods” and his accessories store travel easily in the included cotton drawstring bag, meaning fun for kids and adults anywhere, anytime.

Mini-Golf Toy Specifications & Pricing

Inside the box, you’ll find three miniature golf balls, one roundabout obstacle, and two different hole styles — one sloping hilltop and one sunburst perch. The “course” itself is limited only by your imagination. Add in any obstacles of your own invention, incorporating paper tubes, funnels, ramps, jumps — anything and everything is a potential hazard on these links.

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