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Multifunction Garden Hose Spray Pistol

We like to think we’re connoisseurs of garden-hose nozzles around here, and this one ticks pretty much all of our boxes—and adds one or two we hadn’t even considered. The ergonomic, rubberized pistol grip houses a convenient on-off flow button that locks when you pull it in and releases with the push of the nested release button. Four spray patterns—concentrated, shower, mist, and aerated—ensure you’ve got the right flow and coverage for any job. (The aerator mixes in air bubbles for a soft, moistening stream—perfect for watering delicate flowers and plants.) The rear knob adjusts flow strength, and the rubber-lined lock nut protects against knocks and drops. Quick-click hose adapter automatically stops water when disconnected. Handy. Performs with outdoor temperatures up to 140°F and water temperatures from 32°f to 120°F.

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  • Multifunction Garden Hose Spray Pistol


    Multifunction Garden Hose Spray Pistol

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