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Natural Crackle

No Odor, Non-VOC’s Water Base Top Coats

A well-done crackle finish is the perfect way to dress up a flea-market find (or, better yet, a curbside find) and bring a new layer of personality to a piece that might need a little character boost. While we’ve seen plenty of homebrew attempts at this finish, most of them tend to look cheap and obvious; put simply, they lack the genuine appearance of an old paint job. Natural Crackle Paint Finish is astonishing to see in action. A natural, non-toxic, biodegradable gelatin, it dries to a clear satin finish and goes on easily with a roller or brush. Apply two coats of a base color—this is what will show through the cracks—then two coats of Crackle, then two coats of your top color. Let it dry and you’ve got an instant antique. Comes in a 16 oz. bottle and lasts up to two years; freeze and it’ll last ages.

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  • Natural Crackle

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    Natural Crackle

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