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Orange Safety Garden (med.)

These Safety Garden Gloves provide maximum protection against punctures, so that you can work with confidence around thorns, old splintery lumber, and sharp wire. These gloves will provide superior cut protection. They are designed using two layers of cut and puncture resistant fabric, plus one more for added structure. The palm-side surface fabric is slightly tacky to aid in gripping long or slick tool handles. Excellent for handling cacti, planting rose bushes, or when working with any plant with severe thorns or scratchy or sharp growths.

Washable, breathable, and stretchable.

Note: Palm side only is puncture proof, not the back. The use of special high-tech, cut- and puncture-resistant fabric, initially makes these gloves a bit stiffer than ordinary ones. This stiffness will ease with use.

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  • Orange Safety Garden (med.)


    Orange Safety Garden (med.)

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