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Outdoor Citronella Tea Light

The warmer months of summer and early fall call us to maximize our outdoor time, but the many types of flying and stinging insects (which always seem to prefer some of us more than others) can put a damper on the experience.  It’s no fun to spend your time swatting and avoiding bugs, and hiding behind a screen door or window isn’t quite the same experience as being outside.  To keep your time in nature enjoyable, relaxing, and pest-free, we offer our citronella candle.

Made in the USA from an exclusive blend of beeswax, soy wax & essential oils, with the pest-repelling scents of citronella and cedar, it’s all-natural and recommended for outdoor use only.  The large candle comes in its own tin, made from a minimum of 75% recycled material, with a tight-fitting lid to keep it dry when not in use.  Gives off a beautiful glow and will burn for 80 hours. Weighs 10.8 oz. Also available is a set of 6 tea lights.  Each tea light has an approximate burn time of 5 hours.  These work beautifully with our new Reversible Brass Candle Holder (shown, sold separately).


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  • Outdoor Citronella Tea Light


    Outdoor Citronella Tea Light

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