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Paperwhite Bulb Kit

Growing indoor flowers in winter, or any season really, couldn’t be easier with our Paperwhite Bulb Kit. Everything you need for growing success is right here: an elegant 8” x 4” glass vase with Kraft paper lid, burlap wrapping, 3 paperwhite bulbs, natural cork stopper, and easy-to-read instructions. All you need to do is add water, and in just 6-8 weeks, your bulbs will produce several stems topped with delicate white blooms, with an estimated bloom time of approximately 2-3 weeks. This is a great way to get into gardening if you’ve been curious, as well as an easy and beautiful addition to your current array of plants. Buy a few of these bulb kits as gifts for your favorite fellow gardeners, or anyone with the inclination, but not the climate or outdoor space for outdoor plants. (Hint: they make great housewarming gifts for a first apartment!) Made in the USA.

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  • Paperwhite Bulb Kit

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    Paperwhite Bulb Kit

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