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Platform Ladder for All Kinds of Household Chores

As anyone who has spent an afternoon painting or doing other chores on a ladder can attest, the soles of your feet and knees take a beating. The advantages of this lightweight, Portable Step-Up Platform over a standard step ladder is twofold: (1) enhanced safety and (2) more comfort. The broad platform allows you to shift you footing, safely keeping your weight over your feet (instead of balancing on a narrow rung). And the spacious 13" x 28" platform is comfortable to stand on for longer chores like painting door jambs and hanging fixtures. There are intermediary steps so that you can step up from either end. The platform folds up flat for easy storage and unfolds quickly. The legs lock securely in place. Rubberized non slip feet will protect wood floors and provide traction. Made of strong lightweight aluminum, it can hold up to 330 lbs. Platform height is 19-1/2" off the floor.


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  • Platform Ladder for All Kinds of Household Chores


    Platform Ladder for All Kinds of Household Chores


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