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Pocket Level & Extended Reach Pen

The ideal home installers companion

Two tools that remove the guess work from hanging shelves or pictures frames. This pocket sized, handy-dandy and highly accurate Garrett Wade level will take away the guesswork from trying to eyeball level, or having to call a friend while you struggle to keep the picture or bracket steady. The extended pen nib has the length to reach into deep wall brackets. For those moments when you can’t mark the center of a shelf support because the hole is too small for a regular pen, this tool really shines. It’s 7/8” long nibs means you’ll be able to easily mark the center of a deep hole. It will make a discreet mark on your hanging surface. The pen measures 5” overall, with a ⅞” long nib. The small pocket size of both tools means you can bring them with you on every project.


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  • Pocket Level & Extended Reach Pen


    Pocket Level & Extended Reach Pen

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