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Pen Lockpicking Set

Our previous lockpicking sets have proven to be very popular, and we’re pleased to offer a compact set holding everything the experienced picker needs; a variety of tools all nestled in a device that slips easily into a pocket and is just about the size (and appearance) of a ballpoint pen.  The body is tough, lightweight aluminum, and nestled inside are 16 stainless steel picks and 3 tension tools of various shapes to address a variety of lock channels.  When needed, remove a pick, insert it into the head of the tool just like an exacto blade, and get to work.  The size and weight are just right for ease of use, and when you’re done, the tension tool fits snugly into the head like a pen clip, allowing you to attach it to a shirt pocket.  The pen assembly without attachment measures 4 ¾” L , and approximately ½” wide.  Made in the USA.


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  • Pen Lockpicking Set


    Pen Lockpicking Set

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