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Poultry Shears Stainless Steel With Plastic Handles

Poultry shears are an essential part of a well stock kitchen. They excel at quickly reducing a chicken (or other carcasses) to its various parts for frying, or simply spatchcocking it by splitting the back open (usually removing the spine), and splaying the bird, cavity down, on your roasting pan–it’s a great way to speed cooking time without sacrificing flavor or moisture. Our handsome poultry shears are powerful and sharp enough to cut cleanly through joints and bones. They’re also fully dishwasher safe, with tough black plastic handles and full tang stainless steel blades. Each handle has three rivets, and shallow serrations on the sides of the blades assist in separating skin. Measures 10” L overall, with a 3 ½” blade, and a blade thickness of ⅛”.


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  • Poultry Shears Stainless Steel With  Plastic Handles


    Poultry Shears Stainless Steel With Plastic Handles

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