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Rattan Heart Shape Futon Duster

Sometimes the best technologies are the ones that have stood the test of time. The classic carpet beater has been around seemingly forever in a variety of materials and shapes, but with the same basic idea: a long flexible tool made of thin strips of material arranged in a flattened pattern that you use to whack the ever-living daylights out of dusty rugs, all while making a great noise and sending clouds of dust into the air (stand upwind when using). Use it once, and you’ll know why this is still a part of a homeowner’s arsenal all around the world. Not only do they work extremely well, but as an added bonus, they’re also a great workout for your arms. Our version, in a traditional double heart design, is made from tough, light rattan, making it easy to wield against blankets, carpets, mats, etc. Measures 24 ¾” L, with a 6 ¼” W head. 


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  • Rattan Heart Shape Futon Duster


    Rattan Heart Shape Futon Duster

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