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Razor Saw

Fine Cuts Made Easy

The 6” razor saw from Garrett Wade is the tool you probably never even knew you needed. With the ability to make fine cuts accurately, this Pax saw made in England is the perfect addition tool to your woodworking arsenal.

This saw looks just like a much smaller version of a classy gent’s saw. Its 40tpi blade, made from .01” steel, is extremely fine — just what you need to make absolutely perfect cuts.

Our razor saw works well on any wood but performs the best on soft materials that coarser saws would mangle, such as balsa wood. Feel free to use this saw on soft metals and plastics as well.

The Garrett Wade Difference

At Garrett Wade, we are excited to offer a wide variety of heirloom-quality tools for woodworking, home, gardening, and other workshop uses.

For decades, our tools have stood out for their matchless quality, their beauty, and their ability to save you time and effort on tasks. For instance, when you use our tools, you can expect less bending over, less exasperation, and easier-to-make cuts.

Contact us today to learn more about how our tools can make your shop time more efficient, effective, and enjoyable from one project to the next.

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  • Razor Saw


    Razor Saw

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