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Real Milk Paint Co. Soft Wax (Clear)

A perfect blend of beeswax and a touch of carnuba paste wax, this Soft Wax from the much-loved Real Milk Paint Co. gives a nice matte sheen to any project but dries hard to seal up your surfaces. If you’ve ever had a wax finish turn white in cracks, crevices, or molding, don’t be deterred—Soft Wax lets you build up the perfect patina without any worry of clouding. And with no nasty solvent smells to deal with, it’s kid-safe and great for use indoors. Simply apply with a brush or rag, working the wax into any corners, and buff off the excess with a clean cloth—we like something natural, like an old 100% cotton T-shirt that’s seen better days (or decades). Buff the excess wax with a clean cloth and you’re all set. The wax can safely be removed with a citrus solvent, and you can reapply as needed to keep your pieces protected and looking great.

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